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How It Works

3 Easy Steps

Step 1:


Contact our team to schedule your weekly, bi-weekly, or one time appointment. We will gather all of the specific details needed for your appointment including prayer requests!

Step 2:


You’ll bag up all of your laundry and place it on your porch at your appointment time. Our washer will be by in the 2 hour time window to pick up all of your items.

It’s that easy!

Step 3:


We will weigh your laundry and send you an invoice. Our team will begin the wash/dry/fold process and have your items returned in 24-48 hours! *Orders over 75 lbs may require more time.

I can't tell you how much hiring Salt and Light has improved our home life. We simply leave the bag on the front porch and it comes back clean and folded - or on hangers! They keep my card on file so I don't have to mess with paying bills. Thanks so much!

Trace Johannesen


No membership fees here! We price by the pound for laundry and by size for bedding. This ensures you are only paying for what you send. Nothing more!


Plant based detergent

with mild scent


Ecos Magnolia & Lily scent


Locally created laundry soap with a variety of

essential oil based scents


Buff city soap (scents vary by location)

The Benefits

Laundry Fairies

All of our washers are thoroughly vetted & trained on our impeccable standards. They live in the communities they serve and they care deeply for their neighbors. Your laundry will be returned to you done to your exact specifications!

Free Pick up & Delivery

Let us handle the pick up & delivery at no additional cost to you. Because you deserve it!

Lighting Fast Service

Our washers are dedicated to getting your laundry back to you within 24-48 hours from pickup!


We want to walk alongside you in whatever season of life you find yourself in! Share your specific prayer requests and praise reports with our team so they can be praying for you while we work on your laundry.

Why We’re Different

  • Our washers. They live where they work and are assigned to your household. This means you have the same washer completing your laundry just the way you like it everytime!
  • Prayer… We consider it an honor to be able to pray for you and we love doing it!
  • Eco-friendly products. We use skin safe and eco conscious products because we care about what goes on your body and on our planet.
  • No extra fees. We don’t charge membership fees or contract fees. What you see is what you get.

I started getting our laundry done through Salt & Light Laundry Services about a month ago and loved how easy the entire process has been. My husband has literally been begging me to get this done on a weekly basis, although I never in a million years thought he'd be on board. That says a lot!

Giorgiana Paun



The most asked questions

Do you service my area?

Probably! Shoot us a text with your address & we can let you know. Text 972-863-1632 to be connected to our North/East TX line OR 512-222-8085 to be connected to our Central TX line OR 915-224-0011 to be connected to our West TX line.

What is the turnaround time?

Our turnaround time is 24-48 hours. Sending an oversized load (75lbs+)? No problem, we’ll just need a little extra time. We will keep you updated throughout the process!

What products do you use?

We have two options for laundry soap.
Ecos Detergent (base package). Skin safe & eco-friendly! OR Buff City soap (Premium package) Made with natural ingredients & scented with essential oils...

Laundry giving you dirty looks?

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